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We are Registry .MX
We manage the .MX Domain Name Registry:
We are the Registry .MX, here is the place where all the information related to .MX domain names is concentrated.

Through our services you can identify the holdership of a .MX domain name and its Internet location (Registrant contact and DNS).
We assure the .MX availability:
Our responsibility is to keep the database available all the time, so registrations and modifications to domain names can be done, but primarily so that the information registered can be searched by the Internet systems and services at all times.
We endorse corporations to officially offer the .MX Domain Names registration:
Registry .MX authorize individuals or corporations to officially offer .MX domain names through its Accreditation Process.
We are part of NIC Mexico:
NIC Mexico is an independent professional organization serving different needs through 5 service units.

Registry .MX is the division responsible for the administration of the .MX Domain Name registry, for more information about NIC Mexico see our corporate site.
.MX Domain Names policies are generated and enforced by us:
We establish the guidelines for the orderly use of the registration and publication of .MX Domain Names on Internet.

The updated version of the policy is available here
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